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7th Annual Presidents Day Showdown Travel Tournament


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February 15-17th, 2020 @ Lysander Arena 
$1200 Tournament Registration
$500 Non-Refundable deposit balance due by Dec. 31st            (Final Payment due by Feb. 1st)
Four Game Guarantee 
USA Hockey Sanctioned NYT171859 
No Gate Fees 


-ELIGIBILITY- • A TEAM IS ELIGIBLE IF FULL PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION FEES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. • Each team must register their official line-up on their first score sheet. After that no substitutions will be allowed. • Teams will have already pre-submitted copies of their official roster, but must be able to make them available for inspection by a tournament official if requested. • Teams must place 10 eligible players, one of which may be a goalie, on the ice for the start of each game. No more than 20 players, which may include a maximum of 2 goaltenders, may be on the roster. Teams in violation will automatically forfeit the game. • Head coaches MUST SIGN EACH GAME SHEET to be eligible to be on the bench during each game. Assistant coaches must sign the first game sheet only. No more than four coaches are allowed on the bench for any game. Canadian teams may have a trainer on the bench. • No player or coach will be considered eligible if suspended or serving a suspension from a game prior to this tournament.


-GAME TIMES- • All Bantam games will consist of three 15 minute stop time periods. • All Peewee games will consist of three 15 minute stop time periods. • All Squirt games will consist of three 15 minute stop time periods. • There will be no overtime play in round robin games. • No curfews on any games; all will be played to completion. • Mercy Rule - The clock will go to running time during the third period of any game where the goal differential is 5 or more goals. Stop time will resume only if the goal differential becomes 3 or less and also as determined by the referee for injuries. • All teams MUST be prepared to begin warm-ups 15 minutes before their scheduled game times. Games will start early if possible.


- GAME RULES- • USA Hockey rules will govern all tournament play except for those rules contained here within. • All eligible players must be listed on their team’s USA Hockey T-1 roster or Canadian equivalent. • The assigned home team shall wear white or light jersey color. Visiting team will wear dark colored jerseys. • A 3 minute warm-up will precede each game. Following the warm-up each team must be ready to begin play immediately. • For the Squirt and Peewee divisions, offside rule according to USA Hockey results in an automatic whistle. There is no tag up or delayed offside. If the offside is accidental, then the face-off will occur just outside the offensive zone blue-line. An intentional offside will result in the face-off occurring in the violating team's defensive zone. • For the Bantam division, tag up or delayed offside will be allowed according to USA Hockey. If the offside is accidental, then the face-off will occur just outside the offensive zone blue-line. An intentional offside will result in the face-off occurring in the violating team's defensive zone. • Time outs are not allowed in any preliminary round robin games. One time out per team will be allowed only in championship games. • Each team will be responsible for supplying an adult volunteer to open and close their team’s penalty box during games.


-DISPUTES & PROTESTS- • Protests of games shall not be accepted or considered for any reason. Decisions of on-ice officials are final. Decisions by the Tournament Committee related to game suspensions and tie-breakers as outlined in these tournament rules are final.


-PENALTIES- • Minor penalties will be 2-minutes at all age levels. • This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All USA Hockey rules for penalties shall apply. • Body checking will be allowed at the Bantam level only. • Game misconducts will result in a one game suspension. • Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in that player being suspended for the remainder of the tournament. If an on-ice official assesses a fighting penalty to any player on the score sheet it will not be disputed for any reason. • Any Match or Gross misconduct penalty will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament.


-DIVISIONAL FORMAT- Four game guarantee. Five Teams: Each team will play the other four teams within their division once in round robin play. The two teams with the most points subject to tie breakers below will play each other for the divisional championship.


-POINT SYSTEM- • All round robin game points shall be awarded as follows: • 2 points for a win. • 1 point for a tie. • 0 point for a loss • Tie breaking formula (for teams tied in points in round robin play): 1.) Head to head result 2.) Most wins 3.) Highest Ratio of: (Goals For)/(Goals For + Goals Against) 4.) Fewest goals against 5.) Fewest penalty minutes 6.) Coin toss (if two teams remain tied). Roll of the dice (if three or more teams remain tied).


-CHAMPIONSHIP GAME- • Prior to each Championship game, in the event a shootout is required to determine a winner after overtime, each team must submit an order list of shooters for their team. (Shootout rules below) • The mercy rule will remain in effect. • ONE 60 second time out per team is allowed including any overtime. • Any game that ends in a tie at the end of regulation play will be decided as follows: 1. 4 on 4 sudden death for 5 minutes 2. 3 on 3 sudden death for 5 minutes 3. Shootout – A 3 player alternate shot shootout will apply with higher seeded (home) team having the right to choose who shoots first. If there is no winner after the 3 player shootout, the shootout will continue in a sudden death format. Players are not allowed to repeat as shooters until all eligible players on one team have shot. At that point, both teams shall start again at the top of their shooter list.


Please direct questions to:

Sean  Brown

Sean Brown


Phone: (315) 447-0285